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    Dezhou Yatai Group has branches and offices in some large and medium-sized cities in China. All branches and offices have full service functions and keep close contact with the headquarters at all times, which is an extension of the green service channel between the company and users.


     Dezhou Yatai Group Beijing branch, 200 meters east of Jinsong bridge in southeast Beijing, is on the 22nd floor of the Huateng Beitang business building. Located at the high-value section of the east third ring road, within the CBD radiation area, connecting east third ring road and east fourth ring road from east to west, with developed road network and dense bus routes, the about-to-move-in CCTV, entertainment and other supporting facilities give the working place a strong business atmosphere. The establishment of Beijing office will provide convenient and fast services for business activities in Beijing and surrounding areas. In recent years, a large number of central air conditioning, ventilation facilities and other engineering contracts have been completed, and won the praise of the majority of users.

Branch address: 22nd floor, Huateng Beitang building, NO.37 Nanmofang road, Chaoyang district, Beijing

Tel: 010 —51908328 ,51908329,51908349

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Service Platform

Service Platform

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