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       Dezhou Yatai Group is located at Dezhou economic development zone, northwest Shandong province,covering an area of 770000 square meters. The Group's total investment has exceeded 1 billion yuan, with fixed assets more than 700 million yuan, annual sales of 3.3 billion yuan and completion of profits and taxes nearly 400 million yuan. Its number of employees is around 3200, technicians accounting for 37% of the total employees and there are 10 professor-level senior engineers. The group has three wholly-owned subsidiaries and a joint venture company, and has invested in several economic entities such as Shandong Huayu Institute of Technology, Yatai real estate development Co., Ltd., and Dezhou Huachen driving school.

       China's refrigeration industry first started in the 1950s and developed step by step after several generations of dedicated research and on the basis of refrigeration technology of the former Soviet Union.After the reform and opening up, China's refrigeration industry has achieved unprecedented development. Especially since the 1990s, China's central air conditioning industry has been mushrooming.Dezhou Yatai Group in this period complied with the development of the times and came into being. Founded in 1994, it has been always adhering to the goal of “creating a brand to satisfy the world”. Based on the company principle of “surviving the market, quality as the foundation, reputation as the guarantee, technology as the guide and customer is God”, Yatai insists on pursuing a development path of production, learning and research combined with technology, industry and trade together.With the integration of research, development, production, sales, installation, service, Yatai strives to create a first-class national brand. After 20 years of development and construction, Yatai has embarked on a development path of its own.

       Especially since the beginning of the 21st century, the overall scale of this company has undergone earth-shaking changes. It becomes a diversified conglomerate focusing on the design, production, installation and service of central air conditioning equipment, purification air conditioning equipment and environmental protection technology materials. Yatai’s products are mainly divided into three series, including more than 300 categories and more than 800 products. Products produced by Yatai have covered a complete equipment fields from the central air conditioning, fire ventilation, purification engineering to air conditioning accessories.Yatai Group has strong production technical force, exquisite workmanship and advanced production equipment. It can produce a variety of air conditioning products. The Group has four national testing centers with advanced equipment testing methods. In 2002, Yatai Group participated in the "China refrigeration exhibition" held in Shanghai for the first time, which successfully demonstrated the overall strength and corporate culture of Yatai, and was praised as "the dark horse of Chinese refrigeration industry" by the same industry. From then on, the legend of Yatai development began.

      Yatai central air conditioning products include: main engine, terminal products, fire-fighting ventilation products, purification air conditioning products, FRP composite material products and supporting air conditioning products. The main engine includes two series of products: water cooled product and air cooled product. Water cooled units include water cooled cold water unit, water/ground source heat pump unit, surface water unit and sewage source unit. The air cooled units include air cooled heat pump unit, air cooled module unit and air cooled household unit. Industrial units include rooftop combination unit, constant temperature and humidity unit, humidifier and so on. The main engine adopting the screw heat pump technology, after the reasonable match and technical processing, has reached the national policy requirements of energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon. Energy saving rate is up to 30%~35%, energy efficiency ratio is up to 5.5 ~6.0. Terminal products include fan coils and air conditioners. Fan coil is a complete series production, which is one of the leading products that Yatai Group has independent intellectual property rights. All fan coil products have been certified by national authorities.

      Air conditioning units independently developed and manufactured by Yatai are manufactured and processed in strict accordance with the national standards. Products have already occupied a large market share and been exported to Europe, the United States and many other countries. The firefighting ventilation products in Yatai have developed from the earliest production of fire exhaust fans to dozens of varieties such as subway special fans, nuclear power special fans and industrial fans. Product sales have become a new growth point of business development. Firefighting ventilation products have been widely used in the fields of subway engineering, nuclear power engineering, civil defense engineering, military, etc. A large number of fire valves, exhaust valves and mufflers and other products have been exported to India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Myanmar and other neighboring countries and some African countries. In the past two years, Yatai has invested a great deal in the research and development of air conditioning products. In 2006, the cooperation between our company and Apollo Company in the Netherlands greatly enhanced the purification air conditioning technology, especially in the clean room purification field. Right now 100 and 1000-level purification can be realized in some areas.100 and 1000-level purification of medical operation rooms can be done independently. FRP composite products are the initial products of Yatai Group whose technology is very mature. Yatai took part in the drafting of the air conditioning standards in many countries. Our current FRP technology is the third generation, which solves the technical problems of traditional FRP products such as chlorine return and easy powdering.

      As the old proverb goes, “A handy tool makes a handy man.”For over 20 years, Yatai has introduced more than 100 sets of advanced equipment and production lines from America, Germany, Italy and Japan, which guarantees its product quality. In terms of product quality, the group invested heavily to set up four national testing centers in 2002. Products are manufactured strictly in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 and ISO14001 Environmental Management System. Yatai was in the first batch of companies in China who got the industrial production license. Yatai Group has been absorbed by the China Refrigeration Association, China Refrigeration Industry Association, China FRP Association, Clean Technology Branch of China Electronics Society and China Association of Quality Inspection as a member unit. “Yatai” brand central air conditioning main engine and terminal products are rated as trustworthy products by National Bureau of Quality Inspection. Yatai Group is awarded the title of "National Refrigeration Equipment Quality Trustworthy Enterprise".

      In 2007, “Yatai” brand water cooled chiller and water/ground source heat pump unit are included in the list of government procurement of energy-saving products which were approve by the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission. In the same year, Yatai Group was named the key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Plan. In 2008, we obtained the fan coil CE certificate. In 2009, it was listed as one of the “China’s Top 100 Most Influential Enterprises in the Global Environmental Protection and New Energy Industry.”In 2010, the company was honored as the National Excellent Enterprise of Quality and Credit, the Advanced Unit of the Construction Enterprise in Beijing, the Shandong Star Enterprise of Chinese Patent, the Famous Trademark of Shandong Province, the Home of the National Model Workers, and the Top Ten Enterprises of Dezhou Civilization and Honesty. In 2012, it obtained a high-tech enterprise certificate. In 2013, the Group took the lead in acquiring the special equipment manufacturing license (pressure vessel) and the engineering quality “ Taishan cup” award in the same industry. In 2014, the company received the 2013-2014 National Engineering High Quality Award. In 2015, it won the “Luban Prize” (National High Quality Project) for the 2014-2015 China Construction Engineering Award and the Beijing Great Wall Cup Engineering Silver Award. In 2016, it was awarded the honorary title of a state-level contractual trustworthy enterprise.

      In the central air conditioning industry, there is a saying that "three points of equipment and seven points of installation service", which means that the installation and service of equipment in the project occupies an important proportion. In terms of installation and construction, Yatai Group has its own installation and construction team, and has obtained the "National First-class Qualification of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Installation". In order to provide customers with timely and thoughtful services, Yatai Group has offices in Beijing, Tianjin, Xi 'an, Inner Mongolia, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Shenyang, Qingdao, Hefei, Chengdu, Lanzhou, Changchun, Xuzhou, Harbin, Yinchuan, Xinjiang and other major cities in China. Service network is throughout North China, South China, Central China, Northeast China, Southeast China, Southwest China, Northwest China and other parts of the country to provide users with a full range of efficient, high-quality pre-sale, sale and after-sales product services, so that the safe operation of the products bought by our users can be guaranteed. Aware of the huge impact of Internet technology on human life, Yataian set up their own website at the very beginning. The application of E-commerce provides us with a high quality and fast service platform. Through the network, Yatai Group will present its good image and provide excellent quality service to the majority of users.

        In the past 20 years, Yatai has took part in the construction of many national level key projects,including the new site of CCTV, the main control room of Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, General Hospital of Chinese People’s Liberation Army,National Bureau of Quality Inspection,Supreme People's Procuratorate, Capital Airport and the general control building of the Three Gorges permanent lock. Beijing 2008 Olympic Games provided Yatai with a rare opportunity for development. From product design, production to installation and commissioning, Yatai demonstrated the advantages of our national brand. Among the more than 20 venues, the overall strength and creativity of Yatai were highlighted, thus enhancing the popularity of Yatai brand. Concerning the Group's export earnings, products manufactured by Yatai have been exported to the United States, Germany, the Netherlands and other European countries and South Korea, Japan, India and other neighboring countries. For a long time, Yatai Group has established extensive cooperation with China Railway Engineering Corporation, China Construction, China Guodian Corporation and nuclear power companies, as well as national oil companies like CNPC and CNOOC, providing strong environmental guarantee for the construction and development of the country. In the field of national defense construction, Yatai’s products provide a strong guarantee for many military projects. Yatai and its products are rated as "trustworthy enterprise and products" by the General Armament Department of the People's Liberation Army.

      Yatai is growing and thriving under China’s reform and opening-up policy. Itsdevelopment conforms to the times and marks the development process of China's private economy from scratch to small and big. In this process, Yataian stand out and become a pioneer in the era of hard work. After 20 years of development and construction, today's Yatai Group has developed into a leading enterprise in the large electric refrigeration central air conditioning industry in China.

In 2004, Yatai got the national refrigeration equipment production license。

In 2008, chillers produced by Yatai were included in the list of government procurement of energy-saving products. Yatai was added into the national high-tech enterprise name list.

In 2009, the company got the Electromechanical Equipment Installation Engineering Professional Contracting grade A qualification, Air Purification Engineering Professional Contracting B qualification.

In 2013, Yatai got the Special Equipment Manufacturing Licence.

In 2014, approved by the Ministry of Education in 2014, Shandong Huayu Vocational and Technical College was upgraded to an undergraduate college and renamed Shandong Huayu Institute of Technology. It became the first private college in northwestern Shandong province.

In 2015, Yatai won the “Luban Prize” (Nation Quality Project) for the 2014-2015 China Construction Engineering Award and the Beijing Construction Great Wall Cup Engineering Silver Award.

 In 2016, Yatai was awarded the honorary title of a state-level contractual trustworthy enterprise.

Strength-----Strong Mainstay

       Yatai team consisting of 3000 employees, some hundreds of advanced special equipment, some dozens of production lines, the national test centers of air conditioner, strict management systems such as ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, the spirit of meticulous care of Yataian and the harmonious atmosphere of “Harmonization and Difference” are strong mainstay of manufacturing Yatai premium products and keeping Yatai growing fairly well. 

Innovation----Guarantee for Development

     Innovation in management, technology and products, Yatai keeps abreast of the times, and has developed the flooded frequency conversion chillers, the falling-film water cooled heat pumps, the double power chillers and other various energy-saving, environment friendly and high-tech products, got many national patents, won the reputation of Patent Superstar Enterprise in Shandong province and has owned lots of independent intellectual property rights.

Service----Eternal Pursuit

   Based on our group, we have set up base stations in many large or medium-sized cities like Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Xi’an, Jinan, Shenyang, Taiyuan, Zhengzhou and Hohhot. The service areas are throughout our country and abroad and a close relationship between the customers and us have been established by the green channel of service.

Success----Higher Starting Point

  Yatai central air conditioning projects have spotted all over China and been exported to dozens of countries and regions. For example, the new site of CCTV, China Quality Inspection General Bureau, over 20 of Beijing Olympic Stadiums, India Papadola Project, Cambodia Phnom Penh Capital Square, to name but a few.

Future----Promising Tomorrow

   Healthy and steady growth of Yatai central air conditioners; Flourishing of Shandong Huayu Vocational Training College

Dezhou Yatai Group :Creating a brand to satisfy the world

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