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ZK-J series purification air conditioning units are specially used for decontamination which are developed and produced according to national standard GB/ T14294-2008, European standard EN1886, “Construction Standard of Hospital Clean Operation Department”, “Air Conditioning Unit for Clean Operation Room” (GB/ T19569-2004),Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP for short )and other specifications and designs.
In view of the high standard requirements for purification air conditioning systems in pharmaceutical factories and hospitals, the ZK-J series purification air conditioning units provided by Yatai Group have applied modular design, and a number of technical measures. Their air capacity ranges from 2000 to120000 m3/h with the highest bearing pressure of 2500Pa. This series of products have the functions of cooling, dehumidifying, heating, humidifying, filtering and purifying, sterilizing of the air and so on. Through the flexible combination of various functional segments, it can be widely used in pharmaceutical factories, operation rooms, electronic factories and other places with clean requirements.
  Technical features:
     ★  Advanced strength and insulation performance 
     ★  Advanced overall cold bridge prevention
      ★  Advanced overall seal
     ★  Advanced noise reduction and sound insulation
     ★  Advanced unit modular design

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