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Product description
Using the meridian acceleration theory, SJG oblique flow fan has designed the oblique flow impeller and the shell of drum shaped cone cylinder so that airflow on the meridian plane of the fan can be accelerated and static pressure gradient can be reduced, so as to avoid or reduce the escape of airflow, improve the pressure coefficient and fan efficiency, and reduce noise.
The pressure coefficient of SJG oblique flow fan is higher than that of axial flow fan and the flow coefficient is higher than that of centrifugal fan.Because of its unique aerodynamic characteristics, it is most suitable for pressurizing,supplying and discharging air of ventilation ducts, while centrifugal fans and axial flow fans are often not suitable for such occasions. Under the same field conditions, SJG oblique flow fan can be used to replace low-pressure centrifugal fan and high-pressure axial flow fan, which can greatly reduce the use of noise elimination measures.
SJG oblique flow fan has a total of 12 models and 27 specifications. The air volume coverage reaches 100m3/h ~ 50000 m3/h, and the static pressure coverage reaches 20Pa ~ 1100Pa, which provides a wide range of options for users and can meet the needs of different projects.

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