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Product description
1、China's first dual-energy unit that integrates air source heat pump technology and solar energy water heating technology.
2、It is the first air source unit in China which has passed the national test and operates under ultra-low temperature working condition.
3、The latest jet enthalpy increasing technology is adopted to make the unit maintain high energy efficiency ratio and sound safe operation performance under low temperature environment. The heating operation is normal at low temperature of -20℃, and the energy efficiency coefficient is no less than 2.25kw /kW, and the indoor temperature is kept above 20℃.
4、It possesses a number of national invention patent technologies.
     a、An air conditioning system which can solve the problem of ice formation at the bottom of fins at low temperature in winter;
     b、A protective device that can be used when the water system of the unit is cut off.
5、Solar hot water technology and leading heat pump heat recovery technology. Heat recovery and solar energy automatically switch between modes of refrigeration and heating according to the weather state, providing 60℃ domestic hot water.
6、Using solar energy hot water to improve the evaporating temperature when the unit is in a heating state and the energy efficiency ratio and safety of the system will be increased when the unit operates in a low-temperature;

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