YATAI central air-conditioning

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1、Multiple types
Unit type air conditioner can be divided into: water cooled type, air cooled type and ceiling suspension type which can be applied into various areas with different requirements like factories, workshops, laboratories, precision measurement rooms, electronic instrument rooms, medical and health places, museums and other places.
2、Systematic design
In addition to different functions, all kinds of units in structural design, shape, size and other aspects are as consistent as possible, and the design of outdoor units has been universalized, providing convenience for transportation, installation and so on.
Air supply and return types
Each unit has a variety of air supply and return modes, suitable for different application requirements.
Exhaust cap air supply type: this mode is "air supply from the front and air return from the front ", and there is no need to install air duct and air supply outlet.
It is easy to install the air conditioner in anywhere of the room.
Air duct air supply type: It is to send the treated air to air conditioning areas through air supply and return pipelines. Generally, the mode of "air supply from the upper side, air return from the back" is adopted, and all units are equipped with flanges.
 Key characteristics:
     ★ Computer controller boasts fuzzy control, good man-machine interface and fault self-diagnosis.
     ★ High control accuracy. Temperature is 18~30±1~2℃.Relative humidity is 50%~70%±5%~10%.
     ★Password protection function
     ★ Outdoor unit adopts pressure control to ensure all-weather normal operation of the unit.
     ★ The shell of the unit is designed with sound insulation structure and direct connection centrifugal fan. The structure is compact and the operating noise is low.
     ★ Large air volume design reduces unnecessary dehumidification. Therefore energy saving effect is significant.
     ★ High efficiency electrode humidification, proportional control and low maintenance
     ★ Perfect protection function ensures the safe and reliable operation of the unit under various working conditions.

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