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Product description
Yatai KD(X) series ceiling air conditioning unit is the ceiling mounted air conditioning unit of central air conditioning system terminal. It can filter, cool, dehumidify, heat, equal-enthalpy humidify and introduce fresh air. It is suitable for sending treated air through air duct to a certain distance, especially suitable for air conditioning projects of small commercial and industrial buildings. This series unit has a total of 13 kinds and 39 specifications. Its air volume ranges from 1500 to 15000 m3/h and cooling capacity ranges from 7.8 ~ 228.3 kW. Unit appearance is milky white with nylon filter. The heat exchanger adopts copper tube string with high efficiency aluminum fin. After mechanical expansion of the tube, the heat transfer efficiency is remarkable. Features of modern production in Yatai: high quality, low cost, and short production cycle.

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