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Air volume control valve is a new type of air volume control valve developed and produced by our company which utilizes the advantages of many valves from both home and abroad like simple and reasonable structure, small leakage, small friction torque, flexible operation, good blade rigidity, corrosion resistance and complete varieties. Its performance and parameters have exceeded the requirements of JB/ T7228-94 standard. This kind of valve is widely used in industrial and civil air conditioning and ventilation systems to achieve accurate control of air volume.
Application: Opposed multi-blade air volume control valve is generally used in air conditioning ventilation system duct to regulate air volume of the branch pipe or the mixed fresh and return air. The valve can be divided into manual and electric types. According to air-tightness, it can also be divided into closed and ordinary types. The electric type is able to automatically control and adjust air volume to match the automatic control system.

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