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Glass fiber magnesium oxychloride cement ventilation duct (the third generation modified magnesite ventilation duct, also known as incombustible inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastics ventilation duct) is a new type of environmental protection ventilation duct jointly developed by our company and shandong building science research institute.
P type air ducts are mainly used in public buildings, civil air defense projects and industrial buildings and mine ventilation pipes, smoke prevention and exhaust pipes which need to install ventilator air conditioning equipment.
Type D air duct is mainly used in the ventilation and fume exhaust air duct of residential buildings.
The modified magnesite binder is used as cementing material and glass fiber cloth as reinforcing material. Through the implementation of modification technology and composite technology, and through certain technological measures, the project solved the common magnesite ventilation pipe in China is easy to absorb moisture, return to halogen, deformation, low strength, poor water resistance, late embrittlement and other serious problems. At the same time to solve the galvanized iron ventilation pipe corrosion resistance, noise; The ventilation pipe is easy to burn and deform. Weakness of fiberglass duct with low strength and easy deformation.
Production and application tests show that: the product performance indicators are up to or above jc646-1996 "glass fiber magnesium oxychloride cement ventilation pipe" specified indicators, obtained a good application effect, is the current replacement of organic glass steel and galvanized iron sheet two kinds of ventilation pipe preferred products; The product has been identified as the industry quality products by China magnesite industry association.

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