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Due to many excellent properties of the UHMWPE material, it has shown great advantages in the high performance fiber market, including mooring ropes in offshore oil fields and high performance lightweight composite materials. It plays a pivotal role in the fields of modern warfare, aviation, aerospace and sea defense equipment.
1.UHMWPE can be used to make the lining of the trailer, bin and sliding chute for loading coal, lime, cement, mineral powder, salt, grain and other powdery substances because of its excellent self-lubricity and non-viscosity. The powdery substances mentioned above will not adhere to the storage and transportation facilities, which ensures stable preservation of these substances.
2.UHMWPE is used as a liquid storage pipeline for quicksand and others. Compared with other pipelines, its outstanding performance are as follows:
Compared with bamboo tube, its life is increased by 18 times, and the interest is reduced to 1/25; compared with nylon tube, the life is increased by 3 times, and the interest is reduced to 1/8. In the storage process, the barrier in the tube is 25% smaller than non - metallic tube, which greatly improves the storage frequency.
3.When we use traditional non-metallic substances as the linings of sliding chute, bucket and ore compartment, items will be defrosted on non-metallic substances in cold and wet weather, while when we adopt UHMWPE, they will not, thus unloading costs are greatly reduced. After lining a layer of HMWPE on the tipping bucket of bulk trucks and vessels, the normal unloading time is reduced from the original 16 ~ 20h to 8h.
4.In terms of national defense munitions equipment, due to its good impact resistance and large specific energy absorption, UHMWPE can be made into bulletproof materials for helmets, armored protective plates for helicopters, tanks and ships, protective shell cover for radar, missile cover and shield, etc.
5In industrial application, it can be used as pressure vessel, conveyor belt, filter material, automobile buffer plate, etc. In construction area, it can be used as wall and partition structure, etc. It can be used as reinforced cement composite material to improve the toughness of cement and improve its impact resistance ability. Because of its excellent abrasion resistance, impact resistance, it is widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry. Various gears, cams, impellers, rollers, pulleys, bearings, bearing bushes, shaft sleeves, cutting shafts, gaskets, sealers, elastic couplings, screws and other mechanical parts can be made from it.
6.UHMWPE has also been made into safety helmet, snowboards, sail wheel board, fishing rod, racket and bicycle, glide board, ultra-lightweight aircraft parts, etc., and its performance is better than that of traditional materials.

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