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Coated composite steel pipes for coal mines made by Yatai Group on its way to Indonesia

Views:1388  Date:2024-01-17

On July 5th, coated composite steel pipes for coal mines independently developed by Yatai Group were loaded and shipped successively and set off for Indonesia to help local economic development and project construction.
In order to ensure the safety of production, the most common measure during coal mine operation is to use a special pipeline to pump out the gas to ensure the safety of mine operation. Gas pipeline is a special pipeline used for coal mine gas extraction, and its performance has a direct impact on the safety of coal mine production.
Coated composite steel pipes for coal mines take steel pipes as base pipes and epoxy resin as coating. This steel-plastic composite product has an epoxy resin plastic layer on its inner surface and a fiber-reinforced anticorrosive layer added with a flame retardant antistatic agent on its outer surface.
It overcomes the defects of easy rusting and corrosion, heavy pollution of steel pipes and low strength and easy deformation of plastic pipes, integrates their common advantages and solves the shortcomings of easy falling of polyethylene powder coating and easy collision of epoxy resin powder.
It can be widely used in coal mines and metal and non-metal mines for underground water supply and drainage, shotcreting, gas extraction, positive and negative pressure ventilation, fire sprinkling, dust removal, nitrogen injection, grouting, cold transport, heat transport, heat preservation, and pure water transport.
This export order to Indonesia further validates the strong research and development strength and excellent product quality of Yatai Group. In the future, the Group will continue to improve its products innovation ability, continuously enhance the sustainable development momentum of cooperation projects, and jointly write a new chapter for the  high-quality development of the "Belt and Road" between China and Indonesia with better products and perfect services.


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