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Yatai Group Passed the Annual Supervision

Views:2071  Date:2020-11-19

Yatai Group Successfully Passed the Annual Supervision and Inspection of Energy Conservation Certification

On September 1st and 2nd, a four-member expert group led by Wang Weiwei from Qingdao branch of China Quality Certification center (CQC) conducted annual supervision and inspection on the unit type air conditioner, water source heat pump unit, water cooling chiller and low ambient temperature air source heat pump (chiller) unit of our company that had passed the energy conservation certification.




Through random sampling inspection of on-site samples, it is believed that our company complies with relevant national laws and regulations, standards of administrative normative documents, Requirements for Quality Assurance Capability of Resource Saving Product Certification Factory and corresponding rules for energy saving product certification. At the same time, the expert group highly appraised our company's sustainable and healthy development, daily production and management.


The passing of the annual supervision and inspection of the energy conservation certification marks that the certification level of our company has reached a new level. The company will take this opportunity to further optimize the management system, constantly improve the effectiveness of the system operation, to continue to improve the company's overall management level, technical level and product quality, and lay a solid foundation for achieving a comprehensive scientific management.


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