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      Yatai ZK-JD series air cooled purification air conditioning units are developed and produced according to the national standards and regulations such as "Modular air conditioning units" GB/ T14294-2008, "Roof Type Air Conditioning Units" GB/ T20738-2006 and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP for short). The air volume ranges from 1500 to 50000m3/h, and the maximum pressure can reach 2500Pa. The unit has the functions of cooling, dehumidifying, heating, humidifying, filtering and purifying, sterilization and so on, which can be widely used in areas with clean environment requirements such as medicine, biology, electronics, hospital, food, etc.
ZK-JD air cooled purification air conditioning unit has its own cold and heat source, which is composed of air conditioning unit and outdoor unit. Unit adopting fluorine coil whose refrigerant can evaporate directly has the characteristics of simple composition, convenient installation and low cost compared with the type of main engine and air conditioning unit. The design also specially adopts the closed double cavity cooling bridge prevention profile and the patent technology of double S connecting panel. It emphasizes the overall control of bacteria through comprehensive measures, and successfully solves the technical problems such as high wind pressure, high strength, anti-cold bridge and sealing and eliminates the possibility of bacteria breeding. It has the advantages of large air volume, high wind pressure, no bacteria, no dust ,anti-condensation, low air leakage rate.

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