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Product description
Yatai air conditioning unit is developed by our company on the basis of years of experience in central air conditioning production and absorbing advanced technologies at home and abroad, which can mix, filter, cool, dehumidify and heat the air. The unit can meet the various needs of high-capacity air conditioning and a variety of standard specifications are optional, covering air volume from 3000 to 250000 m3/h. The highest static pressure can reach 2000Pa.
Yatai air conditioning units can be widely used in subway, exhibition centers, airports, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, theaters, stadiums, electronics, precision machinery, textiles, medicine, food, petrochemical, tobacco and other industries.
Product feature
●  Modular design, arbitrary combination of modules, strong universality and easy installation
●  Its rigid base facilitates its convenient transportation. Large unit can be assembled on site.
●  It is made of aluminum alloy (aluminum plastic) frame profile and 0.4-1mm double layer panel, with advanced anti-corrosion treatment technology. The interlayer is filled with mineral cotton or PU foam material, which has good insulation performance and ensures no cold bridge, condensation or leakage.
●  All components of the unit have been rigorously tested and can operate in any climate.
● Automatic control system can be configured to realize automatic control and energy-saving operation of the unit.
●  Downward drainage design (gradient is 1.5) to ensure smooth discharge of the condensed water.
●  It can be customized according to user’s need.

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